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May 2022

The NRGI Executive met on May 5th and we would like to share with you a summary of those items discussed: Three months have passed since our last Newsletter, and I’m pleased to say that we are getting stronger as a community association every day.

There is still a lot of work to do but if we continue with our efforts and your help, we will be in a good place at our year-end, Aug.31, 2022


    1. NRGI’s purchase of the new benches, table and trees for Ken Jenkins Park Playground will not be installed until September due to a supply and delivery issue, according to the City of Regina.
    2. The City of Regina will not be refurbishing the tennis courts in Tennis Court Park at 5401 Sherwood Drive this year because of no funding for the same. Hopefully next year.
    3. Our three NRGI Little Free Libraries in the parks are open. Bulletin boards will be installed at the library locations this week. The board attached to the LFLs will notify residents of upcoming events local news and programs.
    4. Our new community sign is located at 9th Ave. N & McIntosh St. is awaiting approval by the City of Regina. We did investigate using solar, but the cost was too high.
    5. The Executive has hired Future Quest Consulting to take a Needs Assessment Survey of the Normanview neighbourhood to determine how NRGI can better serve the community. Our Phase ll Funding Grant will be used to pay for the survey.
    6. We are still in search of a volunteer to open and close the Little Free Library in the Sherwood/Milne Park
    7. Garage/Flea Market survey results. Both were discussed and a decision to hold a Community Garage Sale first and then hold the Flea Market in the fall, giving us time to put this Flea Market event together.

March 2022

Spring is here, Easter is around the corner and Covid19 for now, appears to be under control. Winter was trying on all of us dealing with the cold, lots of snow and putting up with Covid19 restrictions but the future looks brighter. The Normanview Residents Group (NRGI) has been working hard all winter in planning for the future to provide a better life experience for the residents of Normanview.


    1. NRGI’s purchase of the new benches, table and trees for Ken Jenkins Park Playground will be installed this summer.
    2. We are working with the City of Regina to move up the date for the refurbishing of the tennis courts in Tennis Court Park at 5401 Sherwood Drive. NRGI will provide a portion of the funding towards this work if it helps to expedite the project sooner
    3. Our 3 NRGI Little Free Libraries in the parks will be opening Sunday, April 10. Unfortunately, the LFL at Ken Jenkins Park was recently vandalized and requires a couple of new doors, but it will still be open on time. New this year at our LFL locations will be a bulletin board attached to the LFLs to notify residents of upcoming events and programs.
    4. We hope to have our new community sign located at 9th Ave. N & McIntosh St. up and running by summertime. We are currently working with the City of Regina for final approvals and All Brite Signs on the final design. Cannot wait!
    5. Enhancement of the Sherwood/Milne Park will be a work in progress this year and will require input from the community in meeting their needs.
    6. Our New service by the Go-to-Guy was introduced recently to help the residents with their questions on renovations, DIY projects, and general home and yard. The service is free. A full description can be found on our Facebook page and questions can be asked on our website by clicking the ‘contact us’ icon
    7. NRGI has been awarded a $10,000 grant through the City of Regina, Community Investment Grants Program – Phase ll. These funds will be used in providing a professional Needs Assessment Survey to help the NRGI to better serve the community.

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New Community Message Sign

NRG is in the preliminary development stage of placing a New Message Sign at the Southwest corner of the intersection at 9th Avenue North and McIntosh Street North. It is planned to be 2-sided with angled signs directed to West, East and Southbound traffic through the intersection.

The New Sign is expected to more effectively communicate with residents than the existing one on McCarthy Blvd. All Donations for the project are graciously welcomed.

Your NRGI Executive is continuing to work with the City of Regina for the placement of the new message sign to be located on the southwest corner of 9th  Avenue N. and McIntosh St. N.

This location is expected to help communicate more effectively with residents, in conjunction with the existing sign on McCarthy Boulevard, between the CNR tracks and 1st Avenue N.

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NRGI is the Normanview Residents Group, a community association in North West Regina.

The community association’s boundaries are the CNR right of way on the south, 9th Avenue North on the north, between McIntosh Street (even-numbered residences) on the east, and McCarthy Boulevard (odd-numbered residences) on the west.

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