The Normanview’s Little Free Libraries

Normanview has six Little Free Libraries

Two that are privately owned.

Three were built for the community by NRGI and, with approval from the City of Regina, installed in the three parks within our boundaries. One is on private property built and maintained by NRGI.

Five libraries offer FREE books for children, youth, teens & adults. The Milne St. library offers FREE puzzles for all ages.

See Committee & Volunteers

Ken Jenkins Library
with Drop Box &
Dog Hook


Al Pickard Park Library
with Drop Box &
Dog Hook


231 N. McCarthy.
Community Bulletin Board & Dog Hook


Library with Drop Box & Dog Hook


Eden Ave. Library

with Drop Box &


202 Milne Street.
Our Puzzle Library Site with Geocache.


Little Free Libraries belong to the whole community.

It is our hope that these Little Free Libraries will bring a little more joy, a little more connection and a whole lot more books to our community.

Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighbourhood book exchanges around the world.

Through Little Free Libraries, millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the most successful ways to improve the reading achievement of children and adults is to increase their access to books, especially at home.

Little Free Libraries play an essential role by providing access to books and encouraging a love of reading! At no charge – FREE for everyone to use.

Take a book – Leave a book.
Take a puzzle – Leave a puzzle.

If you don’t have a book or puzzle to leave, that is okay too. Just take one and try it out for the experience. We hope you will enjoy it and come back again and again.

Remember that a borrowed book can be returned to any Little Free Library around the world and there are over 100,000 of them. Or, the book(s) can be passed on to other family members or friends who you think may also enjoy it/them.

The privately-owned libraries are open year-round to the community.

The community-owned libraries are closed from October 31st of each year until the warmer weather arrives in the Spring.

The reason they are closed is that volunteer stewards look after them and during the winter months, they are not expected to keep up with snow removal around them and for health and safety reasons not only for themselves but also for users of the libraries.

Normanview’s Little Free Libraries

Committee & Volunteers


  • Rob Bogdan


  • Melanie for Al Pickard LFL
  • Tracy for Ken Jenkins LFL
  • Cheryl for Sherwood/Milne Park LFL
  • Avril and Justin 60 Eden Ave. LFL
Normanivew Residents Group Community Regina

About NRGI

NRGI is the Normanview Residents Group, a community association in North West Regina.

The community association’s boundaries are the CNR right of way on the south, 9th Avenue North on the north, between McIntosh Street (even-numbered residences) on the east, and McCarthy Boulevard (odd-numbered residences) on the west.

Contact the NRGI

Normanview Residents Group Inc. (NRGI)

P.O. Box 31060
Normanview RPO
Regina, SK  S4R 8R6