Our NRG Executive

Normanview Residents Group Inc. is the Registered Non-Profit Community Association for Normanview.

The Organization is managed by elected volunteers for 2 year terms. Executive members of the board must be members in good standing. They must meet the requirements to be eligible and perform the duties as outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws of the organization. Both may be obtained from the organization upon request.

Current Executive Board Members:

President                                           Brian Runge
Vice President                                  Kristen Myers
Director of Communications        Vacant, Brian Runge Acting AC
Director of Finance                         Mark Jaegli
Director of Programming              Jesse Adolph

While the Constitution limits the Executive to 5 Board Members, it does allow for the appointment of Numerous Committee Chairpersons. If you are interested in serving on the board as a Committee Chair or wish to become one of the Directors, please call 306.525.6744 or email .

Past founding board members who served diligently to re-establish the Community Association, that was out of commission from 2005 to 2013, are gratefully appreciated for their commitment and outstanding efforts.

Jason Kong, Director of Finance
Tyler Dahl, Director of Communications
Lindsay Dahl, Director of Programming

Many of the previous organization board members still live in our community. We have no historical records of their names or involvement, but wish to generously thank them for stepping up and contributing to the needs of the neighbourhood and city. The Social Fabric of our community relies on dedicated volunteers to provide the recreation, leisure and social activities that we all take for granted, let alone the advocacy role of protecting the interests of residents.


Interested in becoming a volunteer member of the NRGI Executive?

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