NRGI Events

City Wide Leisure Guide Program Registration:

January 14th, 2020, New Hope Lutheran Church, 370 McIntosh Street North, 7 to 8 pm.

A current community association membership is required to register for programs offered by any community association, zone board or affiliate group. If you have one already, be sure to bring it along, as registration without it is not possible. Memberships will be sold at the registration event. Program fees are collected at the first date of the program session.

Complete list of City Wide Programs.


Monday, September 23rd, 7:30 pm. New Hope Lutheran Church Hall (Lower Level), 370 McIntosh Street North.

Elected Board of Directors:
Brian Runge                        President
James Gallagher                Vice-President
Mark Jaegli                        Director of Finance
Darlene Krauss                 Director of Communications
Cindy White                      Director of Programming

Appointed Committee Chairs:
Mark Jaegli                       Candy Cane Lane Holiday Light Festival
Sheila & Mike Sigouin      NRG Dog Coop
Darlene Krauss &
Roxanne Gallagher          Free Little Libraries
Marty Krauss                    Community Construction Projects
Kristen Myers                   Volunteers
Vacant                              Message Boards
Vacant                              Website & I.T.

Candy Cane Lane Holiday Light Festival

Exciting Changes for 7th Year

For 2019, NRG will be sharing proceeds generously with non-profit charities that have applied to become a beneficiary through our Community Grant Program. Net Admission Proceeds will be shared with selected applicant beneficiaries to be announced on the opening December 6th.

New Community Message Sign

NRG is in the preliminary development stage of placing a New Message Sign at the Southwest corner of the intersection at 9th Avenue North and McIntosh Street North. It is planned to be 2 sided with angled signs directed to West, East and South bound traffic through the intersection. We will be starting fundraising for the project, possibly with the sale of NRG Logo T-Shirts, Ballcaps & Touques.

The New Sign is expected to more effectively communicate with residents than the existing one on McCarthy Blvd. All Donations for the project are graciously welcomed.


This project is on hold as the City of Regina Traffic and Roadways has indefinitely placed restrictions on the location. It is unknown why this location would be considered differently from the other community sign locations along 9th Avenue North at McCarthy Blvd. This location serves the community residents more effectively than the existing sign on McCarthy, between the CNR tracks and 1st Avenue N.