Normanview Residents Group Inc.

Candy Cane Lane Holiday Light Festival Grant Application

Program Description:

The Grant Program goal would be to build relationships and capacity in the community that enhance the quality of life, neighbour interaction, pride in the community.

The program would be available for Registered Non-Profits and Charities active in Regina providing service and benefits that meet the goals and objectives of NRG.

Charities or Non-Profit Groups designated by the Executive prior to each CCLHLF Campaign as beneficiaries of the event would receive approved percentage or fixed amounts determined prior to or after the event where conditions are negotiated.

Beneficiary organizations may be required to contribute meaningfully to the Festival by way of promotion and volunteer commitment. Delivery of agreed upon contributions by the beneficiaries may affect positively or negatively upon the grant amount paid out.

Beneficiary Groups for a specified Capital Project to receive half by cheque and half retained in trust, as per Eligibility requirement #10.

See complete conditions of the Community Grant by clicking on the heading from the drop down menu.
Project applications and proposals may be submitted any time, but only those that fulfill the Eligibility Criteria will be considered.

Selection of awarded proposals will be at the sole discretion of the NRG Executive. There is no guarantee or promise that a submitted proposal will be selected even where meeting Eligibility Criteria.


Benefit of Organization or its Operations to the Residents of Normanview and City of Regina: